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Hustler LX190

Hustler LX190 for sale at Eureka Valley Agriculture

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Hustler LX190 for sale at Eureka Valley Agriculture



Top Down Natural Cut

Let gravity help you slice your bales. BaleSlice cuts your bales from top to bottom, helping you slice your bale faster and more efficiently, meaning you can Achieve More Everyday with less waste while increasing your bottom line through decreased labour, time and diesel usage.

Hook wrap holder

Positive and secure smart 4-hook style wrap holder, ensures no wrap in your wagon. The location of the hooks (at the back and top of the grab) means that minimal feed is held back and wasted. This speeds up your feeding operation saving you valuable time.

Optimum Cutting Radius

A cleverly designed and tested cutting radius made to suit a wide range of bale sizes! Inspired by the mining and earthmoving machinery industry, we’ve created the most durable cutting edge made from HB500 steel, ensuring a clean cut for years to come.

4-year Warranty

From the cutting edge to the rams, to the pins, along with clever engineering, BaleSlice has been build to give you peace of mind. Made with the same Hustler quality you know, giving your BaleSlice the market-leading 4-year warranty.

Smart Hydraulic Ram positioning

The massive 4-inch hydraulic rams are located on the side of the bale cutter for a natural opening and closing movement of the jaw, offering more efficient use of the stroke of the ram. A top-down cutting action works with gravity, meaning you can slice every bale reliably and effectively.


Application Round bales up to 4' (width) x 5' (diameter)
Unit Weight 469 kg | 1,034 lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1900 mm x 920 mm x 940 mm | 74.8 in x 36.2 in x 37.0 in
Capacity 1 bale
Hydraulic required 25 L/min | 6.6 gal/min