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Hustler LM100

Hustler LM100 for sale at Eureka Valley Agriculture

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Hustler LM100 for sale at Eureka Valley Agriculture



Unique Hand Shape

Unique hand shape makes slipping between bales easy and prevents damage to both the bale you are handling and the bales either side. They also allow for closer stacking.

Compact Design

The unique single-piece main frame design keeps the load close to the tractor reducing load you the tractors’ front axle and provides industry-leading visibility. The smooth curved design eliminates pinch-points and protects the bale from damage

Designed for Round bales

We’ve matched the design of this handler specifically for round bales resulting in the best round bale handler on the market today

Patented Floating Equaliser - Optional

Hustler’s unique patent floating equaliser provides the best of both world, offering the operate more control, and easier operation than any other bale handler in the market. A true game-changer for the world’s best operators

Top Exit Hoses

Top exit hoses is a smart and unique design eliminate the chance of damaging the hoses when connecting the bale handler to the tractor

Slim hands

The unique hand design is the slimmest of all bale handlers requiring no more than 50mm for the hand to slide between bales. This means less wrap damage, and less chance of pushing a bale off the stack

Massive Pivots

The oversized pivots provide longer service life and the larger grease trap extends greasing intervals and increases uptime

No Pinch Points

One of the biggest pain points of operators is damages bale wrap from sharp edges and pinch points which are overlooked in alternative brands. Hustler invest more time into the design and testing process to eliminate that frustration for softhands operators

Protected Hydraulic Ram

Protected inside the unique single-piece mainframe the hydraulic ram and hoses are protected from damage when connecting the handler to the tractor and from general use

High visibility hooks

The hooks on Hustler Softhands are marked with bright visible markings to make hitching to your loader a pleasure

Hoses Standard

All Hustler softhands come standard with hydraulic hoses fitted, and QRC covers to keep the dust out of your hydraulic system

Industry leading Visibility

Hustler’s LM100 softhands are a pleasure to use thanks to the compact design and industry-leading operator visibility and a hand shape that slips between bales with ease

Armacote Protective coating

Our unique Armacote system with a full blast profile and an oven-baked coating ensures the most durable finish to your bale handler so that it looks great for years to come


Bale Size Round: Up to 1.8 m | 70 in
Max Opening/Closing: 1.8 m/0.2 m | 5.9 ft/0.65 ft
Bale Weight: Up to 1000 kg | 2204 lb
Unit Weight: 150 kg | 330 lb
Hydraulics Required: 1x double-acting, 12-60 litres/min (3-15.8 gallons/min), 2250-3000 psi